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Topic: How to Create a Perfect Video using Your Cell Phone

Presenter: Peter Schlemmer

Peter is our Video Content Manager for HouseCheck – He is responsible for creating online and marketing video content nationally.  Peter Graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Journalism.  Prior to HouseCheck, Peter was a TV News Anchor and Reporter for 7 years.

Some of his broadcasting accomplishes includes:  Being Emmy Nominated for a documentary produced in Alaska, along with a 1st place award for the National Press Photographers Association.

Peter started his businesses creating marketing videos back in 2010.  The great things about Peter is he makes sure his videos are not just about the quality, but more importantly, making sure his videos have quality marketing content that produce results.  Peter believes marketing videos don’t have to be expensive or have a high production value to be effective.  That is why he encourages all small business owners to use their cell phones to create marketing video content.