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HouseCheck and Stayhealthy join forces with Joy of Mom to fight Coronavirus on the homefront

HouseCheck and Stayhealthy disseminate industrial grade decontamination protocols adapted for home cleaning to Joy of Mom’s online community of 2.5M mothers to help families across America take positive steps toward sustained health

BOISE, IDAHO, Tuesday, May 5, 2020 – National HouseCheck Corporation, health and wellness industry leader Stayhealthy Inc., and Joy of Mom, a global online community of over 2.5 million mothers, today announced their partnership to combat the coronavirus and other unhealthy pathogens in the home. Engaging a comprehensive media and public awareness campaign, the trio will educate mothers and families on science-based guidelines for effectively cleaning and disinfecting the home.

Stayhealthy CEO John Collins remarked, “Remarkably, there is a lot of misinformation circulating about best practices for disinfecting the home. Just last week the CDC announced they are seeing a dangerous increase in poisonings as people make mistakes trying to clean their homes. We are happy to partner with a recognized expert in environmental issues like HouseCheck and an established and reliable community like Joy of Mom to get the right information to the right people — our mothers — to make sure we are keeping our homes and families safe from coronavirus and other dangerous pathogens.”

The new partnership will empower mothers and families to minimize the spread of bacteria, mold, and viruses like coronavirus in the home by providing necessary cleaning guidelines, protocols, and simple written and video how-to tutorials from industry-leading microbiologists, hospital inspection specialists, and environmental scientists.

“HouseCheck has extensive experience in Environmental Services, and our environmental scientists have succeeded in adapting the protocols we use in large commercial buildings into consumer-friendly instructions that can be used in homes,” noted Bill Klehm, President and CEO of National HouseCheck Corporation. “Our relationship with Joy of Mom will enable us to deliver potentially life-saving information to more people.”

Joy of Mom will utilize its online platforms to spread the message of home health and safety to millions of women across the country. The community will also produce a series of live, online events to educate mothers on the dangers of not cleaning the home correctly and how to provide a defense against health threats like COVID-19.

“I look forward to continuing our work in empowering moms to maintain a safe and healthy home,” explained Vicky Reese, Founder and CEO of Joy of Mom. “When we started this, I thought my house was clean. I didn’t realize I was cleaning in a way that wasn’t protecting my family! Now I have a better understanding of the importance of cleaning and disinfecting.”

A small, one-time fee provides immediate, unlimited access to, where users will access simple written and video instructions on how to safely and effectively mitigate viruses and other deadly germs from the home using common, readily accessible products.

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