Virus Remediation and Decontamination Services, by National HouseCheck Corporation, help protect employees, customers and businesses from health risks.

BOISE, Idaho, Friday, March 13, 2019 – Amid growing public uncertainty and rising levels of confusing information surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, National HouseCheck Corporation (‘HouseCheck’) is bringing their world-class environmental services capabilities to bear on the health concerns of businesses and employees. HouseCheck has launched its nationwide Virus Remediation and Decontamination program (the process, protocols and materials are also available for licensing internationally), to help businesses decontaminate facilities and mitigate conditions which could present ongoing health risks.

“Public and personal health is at the top of everyone’s mind across the country and around the world right now, and we all share a role in helping to reduce risks to prevent or slow the spread of disease,” says HouseCheck Chairman and CEO, Dennis Conforto.

HouseCheck President and COO, Bill Klehm, adds, “Our specialists are highly trained to identify, assess and effectively reduce health hazards, making this program our obligation to help protect the health and safety of employees and customers and keep the doors of businesses, schools and government services open.”

As a consortium of acknowledged environmental specialists and experts, HouseCheck’s Virus Removal and Decontamination Services provide businesses a range of capabilities and options, from rapid response decontamination to a general assessment of environmental conditions conducive to pathogens. Utilizing recognized best practices and based on the most current scientific knowledge, methods, and materials, the combination provides businesses an industry leading effective, thorough and rapid protocol to decontaminate their buildings and return them to service with minimal service interruption. In the last 72 hours, leading businesses and schools in the Detroit area have assessed the HouseCheck service and over 25 million square feet of buildings are in various stages of contract discussions for HouseCheck’s proprietary decontamination services.

According to Ken Siders, Senior VP of HouseCheck Environmental Services, “We have developed a program that can decontaminate buildings rapidly, reliably and with very high effectiveness utilizing a proprietary process and materials that are safe for both occupants and the environment. All backed by a recognized scientific team and an existing global network of expert remediation and decontamination companies.”

The HouseCheck Decontamination Team has extensive experience and adheres to industry standards outlined by IICRC, BPI, CICTI, IWA, NADCA, etc. Using the latest virus and pathogen remediation protocols, HouseCheck provides organizations the agility to act quickly and effectively to alleviate public health threats. Network team capabilities include:

√ Fast decontamination response to a confirmed COVID-19 event with prior planning in

√ Disinfection of all high touch surfaces

√ Disinfectant application to HVAC systems (using NADCA certified processes and

√ Precipitation of airborne viral vectors from the breathable interior airspace

√ Altering the building environment to significantly reduce conditions conducive to viral and
pathogen survival

√ Third party pre-testing and assessment of the site with custom remediation protocols
created for the disinfection process

√ Third party post testing and assessment of the process and verification of the resulting
environmental state, along with a written report with sample and pictorial documentation

√ Collaboration with a customer’s existing cleaning crews to initiate specific ongoing
disinfecting practices

Services are available nationwide. More information may be found at

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