BOISE, Idaho, Wednesday, September 18, 2019
– National HouseCheck Corporation is adding a little extra to the Treasure Valley real estate market, offering free HouseFax Property History reports with every home inspection. Combined with HouseCheck’s comprehensive home inspections, HouseFax reports help provide the most detailed and transparent look into a home’s history and condition so you can “know before you buy”.

“The more information you have, the better position you are in to make the best decisions when it comes to buying or selling a home,” says HouseCheck Chairman and CEO, Dennis Conforto. “Information provided in HouseFax reports helps to fill in the blanks and tell the complete story of a home, and we are happy to make them available at no extra charge to our friends and neighbors in Treasure Valley.”
Exclusive to Treasure Valley, for every HouseCheck home inspection scheduled, a HouseFax report will now be provided to both the home buyer/seller and their Real Estate agent. This special package will help to ensure all those involved in real estate transactions are equipped to make informed decisions based on all the facts available.

“HouseCheck home inspections tell the story of where a home is while HouseFax reports tell you where a home has been,” says HouseCheck President and COO, Bill Klehm. “They are complimentary pieces that offer the highest level of insight, peace of mind, and value to our clients.”

Billy Edwards, HouseCheck Senior VP, Strategic Partnerships and CSO, adds, “HouseFax pulls property and neighborhood data from numerous sources to provide homebuyers and sellers important historical information about a home including building permits, reported fires, water damage and more. The data provided delivers the most comprehensive insight into a home’s true condition.”

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