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BOISE, Idaho, Monday, November 20, 2019 – National HouseCheck encourages homeowners to know their radon risk during Lung Cancer Awareness Month Radon is the leading environmental cause of lung cancer in the United States.

November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month and National HouseCheck is encouraging homeowners and prospective homebuyers to make radon risk awareness a priority. Radon, a naturally occurring odorless, colorless and radioactive gas that can be found in homes, is the nation’s leading environmental cause of lung cancer.

National HouseCheck recently announced the inclusion of radon risk data in their signature HouseFax Property History Reports. This data, not typically found in property listings, provides valuable information to homeowners and homebuyers so that they may take appropriate steps to adequately protect the health and safety of their home and all those within.

“Radon levels within a home are easily reduced with steps as simple as having proper ventilation in place,” says Dennis Conforto, Chairman and CEO of National HouseCheck. “However, if you don’t have the data, a preventable problem can linger and become a significant health risk. HouseFax reports deliver the critical info that can help both you and your home breathe easier.”

A byproduct of natural soil decay, radon occurs naturally and can be found in low and harmless doses almost everywhere. However, at critically high doses, radon is a dangerous carcinogen that can cause lung cancer.

“The risk to radon exposure is not one that many homeowners consider, yet it is one that can pose serious health risks if not identified and addressed,” says HouseCheck President and COO, Bill Klehm. “HouseFax data provides homeowners and buyers with the information necessary to identify any number of potential issues and take appropriate actions to help ensure the safety of a home, inside and out.”

Factors that can determine the levels of radon found within a home can include the type of structure, condition of the foundation, climate, how often windows are open, and even the type of appliances. Higher radon levels are often easily remedied with a few simple steps. However, without the data, many are unaware of their risks and level of exposure.

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