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BOISE, Idaho, Monday, August 26, 2019 – In its largest expansion to date, National HouseCheck Corporation has announced the launch of home inspection services across several territories in the country’s Northeast region. Markets include the Greater Philadelphia Area; North and Central New Jersey; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Nashville, Tennessee; Delaware and South Bend, Indiana.

“This is a big move for HouseCheck and a tremendous milestone as we continue to make our way into new, major markets across the country,” says HouseCheck President and COO, Bill Klehm. “Our ability to grow and bring our services into more territories at this pace is a testament to the demand for our innovative approach and the needs we’re addressing throughout the real estate industry.”

Through a series of strategic acquisitions and local partnerships, HouseCheck has established teams of local home inspectors to best serve each market, providing comprehensive home inspection services for home buyers, sellers and real estate agents. These teams mark the start of a broader recruitment of top-tier home inspection professionals who will deliver HouseCheck services as they continue to extend coverage into the northeast and beyond in the coming months.

“We are excited to bring HouseCheck into the northeast and establish ourselves as an industry leader in this region as we have in other parts of the country,” says Laurence Elliott, HouseCheck VP of Inspector Services for the Northeast. “Our team of experts is hitting the ground running to ensure customers have the tools and resources they need to make the most informed decisions about their homes.”

Founded in Boise in 2016, National HouseCheck began a nationwide expansion in February of this year. As the company continues to grow, so too does its expanding suite of services and products which aim to provide clients with the highest level of transparency when it comes to the true condition of a home. Through a combination of innovative technology, data and reporting products, unmatched customer protections, and the most comprehensive home inspections, HouseCheck is driving much-needed change for the benefit of all involved in real estate transactions.

More information about HouseCheck services available in the Northeast and elsewhere may be found online at https://housefax.com.

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National HouseCheck Corporation is transforming the real estate industry for home sellers, buyers and Real Estate professionals. HouseCheck is your Real Estate service, technology and data source for unmatched transparency and the most comprehensive, detailed look at the history of a home. Through its expanding family of services – HouseCheck Home Inspection, HouseFax, HouseTrack, HouseCheck Home Warranty, and more – HouseCheck delivers total protection and peace of mind for all involved in real estate transactions. Learn more about how HouseCheck is changing the way homes are bought and sold for the better at https://housefax.com or by calling 844-94-CHECK (24325).