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How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

Buyers or sellers who commission a professional home inspection typically have a lot of questions about the process, including what the inspector might check while onsite, and how to utilize findings from their report.

One question that invariably comes up is “How long does a home inspection take?”

People usually ask because they are busy and want to set aside time to be there for the proceedings. Or because they’ve never requested a home inspection and aren’t sure about the procedure. Either way, knowing how long a home inspection takes–and just as important, why–helps set realistic expectations before the inspector arrives.

Factors Affecting a Home Inspection’s Duration

Sometimes, buyers, sellers and agents may wonder why inspection times vary when reputable providers follow similar standards and guidelines. The answer, of course, is that inspecting homes is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process. Individual dwellings–and the systems that power, protect and sustain them–are as diverse and varied as those who live within their walls.

So how long does a home inspection take and what are some factors that affect the timing?

Let’s take a 3,000 sq. ft. home as an example. With HouseCheck’s home pros, the process typically takes two-to-three hours (a little longer for larger dwellings). Besides size, there are other factors that can affect time to completion, such as:

· Age and overall condition– yes, older models can have additional challenges, and more defects obviously take more time to identify and document. But don’t automatically assume that it’s faster with newer homes. Even though new components have less ‘mileage’ on them, they must still be inspected to accurately record their condition.

· Number and types of systems–predictably, checking the condition of any enhancement, especially pools, spas, water softeners and other upgrades, can add time to a home inspection.

· Access to inspectable areas–if present, attics and crawl spaces must be assessed for safety hazards, rodent and insect infestations, water leaks, and the presence of mold or mildew–especially black mold.

· Weather conditions–Mother Nature doesn’t care one whit that you’ve scheduled a home inspection, and will go about her business regardless. Sleet, snow, rain and extreme temperatures can increase inspection times, even for home pros who routinely work in foul weather.

· Questions asked–inspectors realize that putting a home under the microscope–especially when health or safety issues are discovered–naturally arouses questions. Since no home is perfect and defects will be found in every inspection, anticipate some Q&A time after the inspector finishes up.

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