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Coronavirus-Inspired Home Cleaning Protocol Launched by HouseCheck and Stayhealthy

CovidClean decontamination program uses science-based, industrial protocols developed by environmental scientists to help families eradicate harmful contaminants like the coronavirus from their homes.

BOISE, IDAHO, Thursday, April 23, 2020 – National HouseCheck Corporation, in collaboration with health and wellness industry leader Stayhealthy Inc., has created a public portal for combating the spread of bacteria, mold, and viruses like coronavirus in the home. The CovidClean website provides users with proprietary cleaning and disinfectant guidelines, protocols, and a library of how-to tutorials and videos generated from industry leading microbiologists, hospital inspection specialists and environmental scientists.

“Initially developed for use at large medical, commercial, government, and corporate facilities, this decontamination program is now being made available to every US household,” stated Ken Siders, Sr. VP of HouseCheck Environmental Services and industry-acknowledged environmental scientist. “HouseCheck’s key scientists have a long history of identifying and remediating all kinds of pathogens in homes and commercial structures, so it was a natural fit for us to apply our years of knowledge to the coronavirus epidemic.”

The company’s COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting protocol is now available at, a webpage established by HouseCheck and Stayhealthy, Inc. for the specific purpose of providing access to what could well be life-saving information.

John Collins, Founder and CEO of Stayhealthy, says, “It seems that health threats like COVID-19, MERS, SARS, staph infections and the like will always be a part of life. To ensure our strongest line of defense against them, we have to make sure our homes are not only clean, but disinfected. There is so much conflicting information on the web about how to sanitize our personal spaces- our homes, offices, and cars- some of which is downright deadly. In fact, the CDC has just reported that accidental poisonings from the misuse of disinfectants are soaring as people attempt to protect their families from COVID-19. We felt it was imperative to enlist the expertise of professionals and scientists from HouseCheck to debunk the many cleaning myths running rampant today and to create a science-based, reliable system that people can trust to keep their homes safe.”

“Our home-use protocol is effective and uses consumer-based, over-the-counter cleaning and disinfecting products that most people already have in their homes,” adds HouseCheck CEO, Bill Klehm. “We’ve seen the effects of coronavirus firsthand, and we’re elated to be part of the solution.”

A modest one-time fee provides immediate, unlimited access to, where users will access simple written and video instructions on how to safely and effectively eradicate the virus and other deadly germs from the home using common, readily accessible products. The company plans to continue adding new content and videos to the webpage as the fight against coronavirus continues to unfold.

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HouseCheck Environmental provides effective, scientifically-based protocols for the remediation of bacteria, mold and viruses that impact any facility, office, building or living space. Initially focused on cleaning and disinfecting large buildings and public spaces, HouseCheck Environmental also provides easy-to-use cleaning protocols perfectly sized for use by families in their homes.

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About Stayhealthy, Inc.
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