Homeowner Maintenance Checklist

Fall is in full swing now. The leaves are turning all kinds of beautiful colors, the nights are cool, and days getting much shorter. Before you know it, winter will be here, which means as a home owner there are several important things you should consider doing to get your home ready for the impending winter.

There are 6 key areas of your home that you can inspect for maintenance that will save you potentially thousands in costly repairs down the road. Some of these you can do yourself, others you should consider hiring a professional to fix or replace.

  1. Doors & Windows
    • Check window glaze openings for loose putty
    • Check doors and windows for proper closing/latching
  2. Roof
    • Sweep debris from flat and low-slope roofs
    • Evaluate roof for future replacement
    • Check vents, louvers, chimney caps, and eaves for bird nests, hives, etc.
    • Check antenna guy wires and supports
  3. Electrical
    • Trip circuit breakers and GFCI outlets
    • Check condition of lamps, extension cords, and plugs
    • Mark and label each circuit
    • Check exposed wiring/cable for wear
  4. Plumbing
    • Drain exterior water lines, hose bibs, sprinklers, and pool equipment
    • Check for leaks at sinks, drain pipes, and sewer clean-outs
    • Draw off sediment in water heaters per manufacturer instructions
  5. Heating & Cooling
    • Change/clean furnace, AC, and electronic filters
  6. Interior
    • Check tiles, tub grouting, and caulking areas
    • Keep exposed water lines and drains wrapped in insulation
    • Check ceiling for water stains, leaks, etc.