HouseCheck has announced the seating of their first Board of Directors, comprised of: Dennis Conforto, William G. Klehm, III, Robert G. Allen, Leon Reinhart, John Case, and Mateusz Szeszkowski. Each of these men brings to HouseCheck considerable expertise in their given field, as well as incredible business success and entrepreneurship.

Background on the six Board members follows:
Dennis Conforto has traveled over 8 million miles around the globe and is an accomplished International businessman with over 35 years of experience. He is considered one of the world’s foremost retail experts, bringing with him his strong, diversified entrepreneurial portfolio and business acumen. When asked why he brought together the HouseCheck Board of Directors, Mr. Conforto replied “HouseCheck is a big idea, a big business model and frankly required a world class Board of Directors to insure its success at all levels of its operations. I have invited to the Board those who have tremendous business experience and proven track records. They are focused on increasing shareholder value by insuring that HouseCheck’s performance within all of its various departments and at all levels is a world class consumer brand of excellence. The Board is a reflection of the whole concept of what a brand is, which is a promised kept. At HouseCheck we will keep all the promises we make to insure we are a world class brand that makes a difference within the communities and industries we serve.”

William G. Klehm, III, Committee Chairperson for Technology and Logistics has a strong background in the automotive industry that started in 1985 with Ford Motor Company. From there, Mr. Klehm continued to grow and thrive, holding positions serving as President and SBU Director for Visteon Climate Control Systems, Ltd., President at Newgen Results Corp., and Chairman and CEO with Fallbrook Technologies. His entrepreneurial expertise in managing growth, leading technologies, focused sustainability and industry innovation is a welcome asset to HouseCheck. When asked about his involvement with HouseCheck, Mr. Klehm was quoted saying “All the ingredients for a great business are here at HouseCheck; A great CEO, dedicated & talented team, advantaged business model, and competent board. I feel honored to serve the shareholders and help where I can.” Among other areas, Mr. Klehm will assist HouseCheck with its technological endeavors to innovate and change the way the industry leverages technology.

Many of you may be familiar with Robert G. Allen’s work. He is one of the most influential investment and wealth creation advisors of all time, as well as a world-renowned speaker on building wealth. Mr. Allen’s successes include fifteen New York Times bestsellers with over four million copies in print. Mr. Allen teaches that the source of true wealth hails from an internal reservoir of giving back, passion, persistence and creative thinking. He has been featured on thousands of television and radio broadcasts, and now he brings this passion to HouseCheck’s Sales & Marketing Committee to help create extraordinary success. He believes that “HouseCheck fills a desperate need in the housing industry. I’m honored to be on the Board. It’s exciting to see how the HouseCheck team has organized a brilliant plan to professionalize a part of the housing game that is long overdue. HouseCheck will soon be a household name.”

With over 35 years of experience in the financial industry, Leon Reinhart retired in 2001 as President and CEO of San Diego First National Bank, where he was a substantial shareholder and key contributor to the bank becoming one of San Diego’s largest and most profitable financial institutions. During his career he has traveled the world and lived in 12 countries. This inspired strong philanthropic interests in him, which are now expressed through the Maya Relief Foundation, where he dedicates most of his time. When asked why Mr. Reinhart was interested in HouseCheck, he responded, “HouseCheck will be reaching an untapped market in the home inspection industry. The concept of providing the opportunity for HouseCheck’s independent inspectors to participate in corporate ownership is very unique. It’s exciting to be part of a company that assists an under-employed industry obtain their full potential. I’ve enjoyed a friendship with the founder for 20 years. He and his associates bring a real passion and leadership abilities to the company. These aspects have been a compelling reason to serve on the HouseCheck Board.” Mr. Reinhart’s extensive financial expertise will be well utilized in his role as Chairperson of HouseCheck’s Finance/Audit Committee.

John Case joins HouseCheck as their Sales/Marketing Committee Chairperson. As a proven CEO and Executive for companies such as Leggett & Platt, Merryck & Co., and Electrolux Home Care Products, Mr. Case has developed effective strategies driving execution, accountability and communication across the organization, returning distressed companies to profitability. Mr. Case has a long history of taking brands to the next level of growth and profitability by diagnosing core issues quickly and devising effective solutions to mitigate future re-occurrences. He is excited to be part of HouseCheck because he believes that “HouseCheck represents a unique opportunity to convert the home inspection industry from an outdated model to a dynamic, web-based model that benefits everyone involved. Realtors, inspectors and homeowners will recognize the benefits instantly. It’s exciting to be part of a business that truly flips the paradigm of an industry. The plan, marketing support and attention to detail developed by the entire HouseCheck staff is truly world class.”

Mati Szeszkowski is a highly experienced investment manager and entrepreneur. Mr. Szeszkowski founded Norland Capital in 2016. Prior to founding Norland Capital, he was the Principal at Orange Ventures, Vice President at Goldman Sachs, Director at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co Ltd (KKR) and Co-Founder at Vy Capital. He has been engaged in advising and executing mergers, consulting, and investing, including direct management of a $354-million-dollar tech portfolio. As with all of the Board members, Mr. Szeszkowski has multi-national business experience. Mr. Szeszkowski could not be reached for a quote.