HouseCheck introduced their Senior Management Team last week . Team members include Dennis Conforto, Rick Rickards, Perry Campbell, Thomas J. Anderson, Esq. and Sean Perry.

Dennis Conforto, CEO and President, began HouseCheck after a conversation to help a friend that inspired his entrepreneurial spirit to revolutionize the home inspection industry. His demonstrated experience as a senior executive includes over 35 years of strong portfolio successes with both privately and publicly held companies, such as A-Z Media Group, Inc., Retail Consultants Center, GERS Retail Systems and General Electric. He has a proven track record for elevating organizations to top revenue-generating entities and creating effective performance systems that will elevate HouseCheck to a nationwide company that becomes a household name.

Rick Rickards, VP Marketing & CMO, has an extensive marketing background covering nearly every facet of the industry from voiceovers to multi-media. His entrepreneurial expertise includes perfecting marketing strategies, brand analysis, marketing planning, and promotional program implementation for both national and international clients. Mr. Rickards is an expert content creator who positions brand messaging across multiple platforms to produce the desired results. His expertise will provide HouseCheck with consistent messaging and brand development as the company goes nationwide.

Perry Campbell, VP Inspector Operations, inspired Mr. Conforto to research the industry and form HouseCheck. Their conversation about what Mr. Campbell could do expand his business not only took Mr. Campbell’s business to the next level, but proved to be a catalyst for revolutionizing the home inspection industry. Mr. Campbell has been in the construction industry since the mid-80s, and has been a Boise resident since the early 90s. It was there that he began conducting home inspections, which he found immensely satisfying. If afforded him the opportunity to apply his extensive knowledge of construction, while engaging with and helping people in his community. Mr. Campbell is a natural people person and a Master Inspector. He goes above and beyond to make sure every customer is happy and well-served before, during and after an inspection, and expects no less from his team.

Thomas Anderson, SVP & Legal Counsel, has a diverse legal background including municipal law, tax and probate law, corporate and real estate law and banking law. He has over 36 years of experience, and his legal expertise is a welcome addition to the HouseCheck team. Mr. Anderson holds a contractor’s license in Nebraska and Iowa, denoting his extensive personal knowledge of construction and building standards, which is helpful to HouseCheck inspectors. Mr. Anderson’s knowledge of the law will assure that HouseCheck maintains compliance with the legal requirements of each state.

Sean Parry, VP Technology & CIO, has a strong background in building world-class teams in technology, software, retail, CPG, consumer electronics and e-commerce industries. He has over 20 years of experience, both nationally and internationally, in senior level executive positions with companies such as, Pegasus Technology, LLC., BidSync, Kofax and Mad Catz, Inc. Mr. Parry’s team will play a crucial role in the infrastructure at HouseCheck, as well as the innovative technology development and deployment that they are currently creating. His team will define systems and platforms that will automate processes and improve workflow, and as such, they are critical to the growth and success of HouseCheck.