HouseCheck is the first company to bring together home inspectors under a national consumer brand. HouseCheck opened their first office on a main thoroughfare in Parma, ID in the spring of 2016. This sixty-year old office, built in 1957, was recently renovated and modernized and is now the hub of HouseCheck’s national operations. HouseCheck is changing the face of the industry by providing innovative technologies and tools, as well as HouseCheck U to their inspectors.

HouseCheck is not only revolutionizing the business model, but is also innovating new systems and technologies that will change the way homes are inspected. From automated appointment setting and confirmations to the industry’s most comprehensive Inspection Report, HouseCheck’s technologies will work to the advantage of homeowners, real estate professionals, and home inspectors.

HouseCheck’s focus on obtaining qualified inspectors is part of an end-to-end commitment to provide the best customer service possible. All applicants are required to pass a thorough background check, and each inspector is triple-insured, providing every HouseCheck customer unexcelled peace of mind.

The innovative business model that HouseCheck has employed allows the inspectors to focus on the work and not the operations, marketing, and other daily functions that they’ve had to manage in the past. For the inspectors, the customer becomes the only focus, which allows them deliver the best possible inspection. You can expect nothing but the best when hiring HouseCheck to inspect personal, rental or commercial property.