HouseCheck, the nation’s first consumer brand in the home inspection industry, announces the launch of seven new inspection products. These products offer specialized inspections for various home and commercial properties. Our new products include:

1) Builder Inspection – For new construction properties looking to differentiate their homes and provide an unbiased, third-party inspection validating the quality and craftsmanship of the work.

2) HOA Inspection – Home Owner Associations are responsible for the community properties such as pools, community buildings, and landscaping. Our HOA inspectors are specially trained to inspect these properties and provide realistic assessments of the conditions and needed repairs to assist in budgeting activities.

3) Warranty Expiration Inspection – For home owners whose warranty is about to expire. Our inspection will reveal any needed repairs that a warranty will cover, giving home owner’s time to make the needed repairs before the warranty expires.

4) Commercial Inspection – For businesses looking to purchase or lease property. Our specially trained inspectors will evaluate the potential property, noting any issues or needed repairs, before the contract is signed.

5) Rental Inspection – For rental property owners and managers who want to assess the condition of their rental properties. We recommend inspecting the property after renters move out to gauge how much of their security deposit to return, and also to determine what repairs are needed before new renters move in.

6) Disaster Inspection – When the unthinkable happens like a fire, tornado, or flood, a disaster inspection is needed to assess the damage, determine repair needs, and even assess if vandalism occurred after the incident. Getting this done quickly is essential for homeowners who face a long road to rebuilding their homes and lives.

7) Foreclosure – For banking and mortgage institutions dealing with foreclosed properties. Our inspection will reveal damage from the former residents or those who have accessed the property illegally, outlining any needed repairs.
These new services join HouseCheck’ flagship services, home inspections for home-buyers and home sellers. No matter the type of property or situation, HouseCheck has an inspection to meet your needs and give you an unbiased, reliable assessment of your property. Visit or more information, or call 944-84-CHECK.