HouseCheck, the company that is building a national consumer brand around the Home Inspection industry, has announced an ongoing program of technological investment and innovation designed to create new products that will revolutionize how home inspections are accomplished.

“We’re engaging some of the world’s greatest technological minds to create things that have never even been imagined before in the home inspection industry,” exuded Dennis Conforto, President and CEO of HouseCheck. “Our people are imagining all kinds of innovations that would make home inspections easier, faster, or better, and we’re coming up with some amazing concepts.

“For example, what if you could tie auto-recognition technologies into a mobile phone camera, iPad camera, drone camera, or an infrared camera and link to a database with information gleaned from thousands of home inspections? You’d be able to point that camera at an electrical panel, or a hot water heater, or an air conditioning system, or a number of other in-home systems and get an instant read-out of potential trouble spots. Tools like these could help the best inspectors perform even better!”

HouseCheck expects to continue dedicating significant resources to these and other innovations over the coming years, as part of a bid to become the nation’s foremost home inspection company.

“The home inspection industry has never been known for technical advancements,” continued Mr. Conforto, “but we’re working to change that in order to create a better product for inspectors, consumers, and the real estate community. It’s our mission to revolutionize the home inspection industry, and this is just one way we’re doing that.”

For more information on HouseCheck, visit The company may also be reached at 844.94.CHECK.