How do most great ideas begin? Usually with a conversation. And HouseCheck is no different.

A casual conversation between friends about how to make a business grow flourished into a great idea that is now HouseCheck. Perry Campbell, an established, expert inspector wanted to take his company to the next level. A friend of Perry’s, Dennis Conforto, who happens to be a mover and shaker in the business world, was inspired by Perry’s passion and desire. So after their conversation Mr. Conforto made it his mission to research and learn as much as he could about the inspection industry to see how he could help his friend. During his discovery process he learned that there was immense opportunity to revolutionize the home inspection industry. Mr. Conforto realized this improvement would be beneficial for the entire industry; not just the professional inspectors, but homebuyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals as well.

Mr. Conforto approached Mr. Campbell with the idea of creating a national brand. Mr. Campbell was elated, but a bit overwhelmed by the idea. So they joined forces and set out to build a team of highly qualified professionals. Their goal is to grow HouseCheck into a national brand with a network of 8,500 expert home inspectors covering 50 states. HouseCheck will have a support system of some 600 personnel responsible for creating everything necessary to operate a world-class national organization, including the latest in innovative technologies.

When asked why they opened their first office in the Boise area, we were told that Boise was found to be a “great test market and the closest market to many of the senior management team, including the CEO.” HouseCheck found that Boise has a diverse marketplace, which provides for a thorough testing of its marketing features and systems prior to going nationwide. HouseCheck also found that Idaho is a business-friendly state with limited regulations, fostering innovation and allowing for more aggressive, out-of-the-box thinking, which in turn creates exciting programs and rapid growth.

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