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What is a Housefax
Property Report?

The Housefax Property Report offers the most comprehensive history of a home at the click of a button, providing the information in a concise format along with key summarized findings. This report includes:

  • Property Details
  • Summary of Key Findings
  • Alerts for your Inspector
  • Building Permits
  • Incident History
  • Natural Risk
  • Carbon Monoxide and Meth Lab Check
  • Transaction History
    Loan & Liens
  • Utility Information
  • School Information
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Why is this information important?

Weeding Out the Duds

A Housefax Property Report lets you cross off houses with potential issues without moving further in the process. Avoid a "money pit" by finding out more about the home BEFORE making an offer.

Health Concerns

Many people do not realize the potential health hazards a property could be hiding as a result of an occurrence in its past. A home that has had a flood or fire incident could potentially hide mold in the walls spelling disaster for the homes' occupants, especially small children and infants.

Making an Offer

Housefax Property Reports contain building permit records and nearby sales information that are vital in assuring that you make the correct offer on a home. Avoid overpaying by knowing about the improvements made to the property and how much neighboring houses have sold for.

See into the Past... and the Future

Learn about previous repairs on a property – as well as what expenses might lie ahead. For example, our report lists building and work permits, including whether a roof was replaced. The average cost of a new roof is approximately $12,000 -- an expense to keep in mind when budgeting the cost of a home.

Save Time and Money

On average, it takes many hours of research, expensive fees, and in some cases, miles of driving to gather all the information you want on just ONE property. Housefax searches millions of records for you in seconds - saving you time AND money.

Letting Housefax do the searching for you isn't the only way you save. A Housefax Property Report lets you avoid homes with potential issues before you pay potentially thousands of dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A property inspection is typically done after an offer is accepted on a home. A Housefax Report can be ordered anytime and you’ll receive a property-specific report in seconds – saving you time and money!
All the data in each Housefax Report is pulled on demand from regularly updated databases - we search nearly a million pieces of data. For census and related info, we use the most recent reports available.
Once you complete your purchase, we'll generate your report, display it to you and email you a link where you can log in to view, print or download any of your Housefax Reports in the future.
Housefax data covers 78% of residences across the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. If you order a report for a house with no data, never fear! If we don’t have records for the property you requested, you won’t be charged.

Our Commitment to Quality

Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction

Housefax delivers the highest quality information possible. This is why we will only sell reports that meet our highest standards. Housefax offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on every report.