(Version Date: March 31, 2015) LLC ("Housefax," "us," "we," or "our") is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of the online services made available through websites located at and other locations where this privacy policy appears (collectively, our "Sites") and any Housefax mobile applications (our "Applications" and together with the Sites and services we provide through the Sites and Applications, our "Platform"). We have carefully selected third-party service providers that offer valuable services ("Brand Partners") that may be useful to our users. This privacy policy (the "Policy") discloses the information privacy practices for the Platform.

Housefax encourages you to contact us with any concerns about our collection, use or sharing of your information through our Platform. If you have questions or concerns regarding this Policy or our Platform, you should contact Housefax through the Platform, by e-mail at or by writing us at LLC, 14950 Washington Street, Suite 104, Haymarket, Virginia 20169, Attention: Legal Department.

If we need, or are required, to contact you concerning any event that involves your information we may do so by email, telephone or mail.

This policy is intended to inform you and other individuals accessing our Platform (collectively, "Users") of the use and sharing practices for the information we receive, collect and obtain through our Platform. Although we encourage you to read the entire Policy, the following provides a summary of some of the important aspects of our privacy practices:
• We allow you to "opt out" of certain uses of your information; however, selecting to opt-out will limit your interactions with the Platform.
• We use your information to provide you with products, services and information and connect you with our Brand Partners.
• We may combine the information we collect about you with information collected from other sources.
• We may share your information with third parties in some situations, such as in processing registration, administering our Platform, providing services through our Platform, and for direct marketing via our Brand Partners.
• We are committed to protecting and securing your personal information and will take reasonable and appropriate measures to secure your information, but we cannot promise that your information will remain secure in all circumstances.

By accessing or using our Platform, you consent to the collection, use and sharing of your information as described in this Policy.

The information we receive, collect, and obtain includes information that is both Personal and Non-Personal. "Personal" information refers to information that may be reasonably associated with, linked to, or used to identify an individual, allowing that individual to be personally identified or contacted. "Non-Personal" information refers to information that may not by itself be reasonably associated with, linked to or used to identify an individual.

We receive, collect, and obtain the following general types of Personal and Non-Personal information (together, "Information"):

Information Collected from Users. Housefax collects Information directly from Users of our Platform through their use of our Platform. We may use Personal and Non-Personal Information collected from Users of our Platform in accordance with this Policy.

Information Obtained from Third Parties. Housefax may obtain Information from other third parties regarding our Users. We may use any Personal and Non-Personal Information about our Users obtained from third parties in accordance with this Policy.

The websites and services of third parties may be accessible through our Platform. You may be asked to provide Personal Information through these other sites or services. These third parties maintain their own information privacy policies and practices. This Policy covers only Information received, collected and obtained by Housefax and does not extend to any third parties. HOUSEFAX IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE POLICIES OR PRACTICES OF ANY THIRD PARTIES, INCLUDING OUR BRAND PARTNERS. YOU SHOULD REVIEW THE APPLICABLE PRIVACY POLICIES OF THIRD PARTIES BEFORE PROVIDING THEM WITH ANY INFORMATION.

We may use and share the Personal Information we receive, collect and obtain regarding you and other Users as described in this Policy.

We may automatically collect Personal Information from you when you use or interact with the Platform. We may also collect Personal Information from you voluntarily on the Platform, including through the information you voluntarily provide through your interactions with the Platform. These sources may include, for example, the registrations, responses, reviews, comments, purchases, confirmations, surveys, messages, posts, notes, phone calls and other communications you send through the Platform.
In addition to your full name, the Personal Information we may collect from you will include, by way of example:
• Internet Protocol (IP) address.
• Browser type.
• E-mail address.
• Contact information (including phone number).
• Geographic location (including precise location information).
• Statistics regarding when and how you access the Platform, including pages accessed and functionality used.
• Performance related Information we may collect through your use of our Applications and the other features and functionality of the Platform.
• Other Personal Information you may volunteer on the Platform.

The Personal Information that Housefax receives, collects, and obtains may be used for a variety of purposes, including by way of example:
• Providing the Users with access to the Applications and other features and functionality of the Platform.
• Customizing and improving the Platform.
• Providing advertising for goods and services we feel may be of interest to you.
• Providing maintenance, support and customer service for the Platform.
• Providing notices regarding the Platform.
• Providing Information to our Brand Partners.
• Processing payments for goods and services.
• Developing additional products and services.
• Contacting Users for direct marketing purposes.
• Contacting Users for information verification purposes.

In addition to the other uses of Personal Information described in this Policy, we may share the Personal Information we collect and obtain in the following ways:

Service Providers. We may share Personal Information with third parties that help us provide various services relating to the Platform rather than performing the services ourselves. For example, we may contract with a third party to: (a) maintain and manage our database of Information; (b) host our Sites; (c) assist us with Information collection; (d) provide analysis of our Information; (e) enhance or overlay our Information with other Information obtained from third parties; (f) deliver, and provide Information regarding the delivery of, electronic messages; or (g) provide other services to assist us in our business. We require that these third parties agree to use the Information we share with them only to perform their obligations to us and to treat all Information they receive from us in compliance with this Policy.

Brand Partners. We may share your name, address, company, job title and phone number with Brand Partners so that they may develop and offer products and services to you that we believe will be of interest.

For instructions on how to "opt-out" of disclosure of your Personal Information to these third parties, including how to opt-out of the disclosure of your Personal Information for direct marketing purposes, please see the "Choice and Opt-out" section below.

Our Platform may also automatically collect certain Non-Personal Information when you use or interact with the Platform. We also receive and obtain Non-Personal Information from third parties. This Non-Personal Information will include, by way of example, performance information and other metrics regarding your use of and access to the Platform or demographic information from the geographic region associated with your IP address.

We may also generate Non-Personal Information from the Personal Information we receive, collect and obtain under this Policy. When we do so, we will take reasonable measures to ensure that the Non-Personal Information is no longer personally identifiable and may not later be reasonably associated with, linked to, or used to identify you. Once we generate any Non-Personal Information from any Personal Information, we will not later attempt to again make that information personally identifiable. However, we may combine and enhance that Non-Personal Information with other Non-Personal Information received or obtained from third parties.

Provided that this Information remains in non-personally identifiable form and may not be reasonably associated with or linked to you or used to identify you, we may use or share any Non-Personal Information we receive, collect, obtain or generate for any lawful purpose without a further duty or obligation to you. This will include, by way of example, generating product and service offerings based on the Non-Personal Information and providing those offerings to third parties.

You are not required to provide Housefax with any Information regarding your medical or health condition, race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or other sensitive Information in order to use our Platform.

Our Platform is intended for a general audience and is not directed to children under 18 years of age. Housefax does not knowingly receive, collect or obtain Personal Information from children under 18 years of age.

Though we make reasonable and appropriate efforts to preserve User privacy as stated in this Policy, we may need to disclose Personal Information of certain Users when we have a reasonable and good-faith belief that the disclosure is necessary to enforce the terms of use for a Site or Application, to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or other legal process, to avoid injury to a third party, or to otherwise enforce or protect our rights under applicable law, including, without limitation, our intellectual property rights. In these situations, we will use reasonable efforts to provide notice of our disclosure to all affected Users, to the extent reasonably possible under the circumstances.

California law provides that California residents have a right to request that businesses tell them how their Personal Information has been shared with third parties for use in direct marketing purposes. However, there is an exception to this requirement for businesses that have adopted and disclosed, in their privacy policy, a policy of not disclosing a person's Personal Information to third parties for use in direct marketing purposes if that person has exercised an option to opt-out of the disclosure of their Personal Information to third parties for such purposes.

We have adopted a policy of allowing you to opt-out of the disclosure of your Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes and thus fall within this exception. Instructions for opting out can be found in the section below entitled "Choice and Opt-Out."

We provide you with a choice whether to receive certain emails, phone calls, text messages, surveys or other messages through the Platform and the opportunity to 'opt-out' of having your Personal Information shared with third parties for certain purposes. If you no longer wish to receive messages from Housefax through the Platform, or to have your Personal Information shared with third parties as permitted by this Policy, you may opt-out of receiving those messages from us or having your Personal Information shared with third parties.

In many cases, opting out of receiving messages or having your Personal Information shared with a third party will not affect your ability to use or access the Platform. However, some messages (e.g., account notifications and service announcements) are considered necessary to our operation of the Platform. Likewise, some of the third parties with which we share your Personal Information are used by us to provide necessary functionality for the Platform. If you wish to opt-out of receiving these messages or of sharing your Personal Information with those third parties, we may be required to limit or cancel your access to and use of some or all of our Platform. Note also that while you may opt-out of receiving messages from Housefax, you may be required to contact other third parties directly to also opt-out of receiving emails or other messages from those third parties.

All opt-out requests can be made through the Platform or by contacting us as described above. Note that it may take up to 10 days to remove your contact information from our lists, so you may receive messages from us for a time after your request.

We and our third party service providers use "cookies" and other automated tracking technology to monitor and collect Information regarding your interaction with the Platform. "Cookies" include commonly used pieces of information in the form of small files that are placed on an individual's computer or mobile device to allow us to recognize your computer or mobile device.

We may use Cookies and other tracking technology that expire once you close your web browser or that persist and stay on your computer until you delete them. Most browsers will allow you to erase cookies from your computer or mobile device, block acceptance of cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. Please refer to your browser or email software instructions or help screen to learn more about these functions. Our third party service providers may also use cookies or other tracking technologies on sites linked to through the Platform or emails sent on our behalf. We do not have access to information that would confirm the use of cookies or other tracking technology by our third party service providers.

While Housefax takes reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Information we collect is reliable for its intended use, accurate, complete and current, we rely on you to update and correct your Personal Information. You may use the Platform or contact us as described above to review, delete, update or change contact, financial and account information received, collected or obtained by Housefax.

We will notify Users of any changes to this Policy by posting the changes on the Sites or through the Applications. Changes to this Policy will be effective immediately for all Users. Your continued use of the Platform after any change has become effective will constitute your acceptance of that change.

Unless we seek and receive consent from a User, we will use the Personal Information we collect from each User in accordance with the version of this Policy effective when the Information was last collected. Users may contact us as described above regarding any change to this Policy, including to prevent their Personal Information from being used pursuant to any change to this Policy.

Housefax is committed to protect and secure your Personal Information. Despite our commitment, no security system can be 100 percent effective and we cannot guarantee that your Information will be secure in all situations. We will nonetheless take all reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure the safety and security of your Personal Information. This includes using at least industry standard security measures to protect the loss, misuse and unintended alteration of the Personal Information under our control. Likewise, all employees and contractors are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices. Finally, the servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure environment.

If Housefax elects, in its reasonable discretion, to transfer ownership or control of a Site or Application to a third party, whether or not in the context of an acquisition, merger or reorganization, you consent to the transfer of your Information (both Personal and Non-Personal) by Housefax to that third party, provided that all use and sharing of your Information by that third party remains subject to the terms of this Policy and any applicable changes.