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Property Records on Abana St in Artesia, Ca

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Artesia, our research page will help you learn more about the area you are considering. And once you’ve narrowed your search, run a Housefax Property Report. A Housefax Report is full of essential information including property owner, fire incidents and other potential property issues. In just seconds, Housefax pulls information from millions of property records so you don’t have to. Get a full Housefax Report today.

Abana St Summary

11500 Abana St, Artesia, Ca 90701

5 Bedroom 2 Baths 2,094 ft2 Built in 1964

11506 Abana St, Artesia, Ca 90701

4 Bedroom 2 Baths 1,978 ft2 Built in 1964

11512 Abana St, Artesia, Ca 90701

4 Bedroom 2 Baths 2,378 ft2 Built in 1964

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