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What is a HouseFax Property Report?

HouseFax Reports are the leading property reports in the industry. Each HouseFax Report includes specific property and neighborhood details compiled by HouseFax, plus valuable insights including:

  • Extensive property details
  • Property checklist
  • Transaction and sales history
  • Fire and other property incidents
  • Natural hazard risk assessment and history
  • Flood zone proximity
  • Recent building permits and contractor history
  • Utility information
  • Local schools
  • Nearby sales
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What is included in a HouseFax PRO plan?

When you purchase a HouseFax PRO plan, you can expect a life-changing experience, or at least all of this…

  • Run all the HouseFax Reports you need for one discounted price
  • Reach new customers with personalized HouseFax Reports
  • Customize each report with valuable notes and your contact info
  • Access and share your reports from anywhere
  • Manage your account and reports from one convenient dashboard
  • Leverage the HouseFax Brand and marketing materials to build trust

Best part? Report credits are good for a year! Say hello to convenience and goodbye to annoying monthly subscription plans.

How do I sign up for HouseFax PRO?

Easy! Select the destination that's right for you:

Why should I join HouseFax PRO?

HouseFax builds confidence and confident consumers buy homes. HouseFax Reports are also a great way to stand apart from the competition. Offer HouseFax Reports as part of your services and be known as the trusted, neighborhood expert. 

Oh and did we mention how HouseFax PRO saves you money? With HouseFax PRO you can purchase an individual report for just $7.95 or purchase a PRO plan for even greater savings. 

Does a HouseFax Report have insurance claims information?

HouseFax Reports do not include insurance claims information, which can only be obtained by the owner of the property. If you would like more information on how to obtain this data, email us at

How is a HouseFax Report different than a C.L.U.E. Report?

A HouseFax Report complements the C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) Report which provides dates and details of insurance claims for the past five years. A CLUE Report can only be obtained by the current homeowner or an insurance agent. HouseFax Reports are available to the public and provide additional history on the home including building permits, sales transactions, fire incidents and natural hazard risks and assessments. Plus, HouseFax Reports include data as far back as 1980.

How is a HouseFax Report different than a home inspection?

HouseFax Reports are a pre-diligence tool to aide in the home buying or selling process. While an inspection is typically done after an offer is made on a home, you can get a HouseFax Report anytime – even before the potential buyer makes an offer. 

Additionally, many home inspectors rely on HouseFax Reports as their gateway to the past. Armed with information not always visible to the eye, HouseFax Reports alert home inspectors to potential problem areas of the home – like a previous fire incident or a 20-year old roof that hasn’t been replaced. 

How is a HouseFax Report different than information found on traditional listing sites?

HouseFax Reports contain reported incidents, recent building permits, loan history and natural risks. Our reports complement traditional listing data, which does not typically include this information.  

Where do you get your data?

HouseFax has partnerships with a number of public and private sources – saving you hours or days of research. In some cases these partnerships are exclusive to HouseFax. For example, only HouseFax Reports contain fire incidents occurring before 1999.

How current is the information in a HouseFax Report?

The data in each HouseFax Report is pulled on demand from regularly updated databases — we search millions of data points. For census and related info, we use the most recent reports available.

Does HouseFax have data on every house? 

Our data covers 80% of residences across the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. And before you ask, no we don’t have a HouseFax Report for the White House but we do have one for the Obama’s Washington DC residence. Pretty cool, right?

When joining HouseFax PRO, is there a time period that the report credits need to be used?

As a HouseFax PRO, you have a whopping full year to use HouseFax Report credits. Need more reports? Just purchase another plan to receive more credits. It’s that easy! 

Once I run a report, does it expire?

No, HouseFax Reports do not turn into pumpkins at the stroke of midnight (although how funny would that be?). Your HouseFax Reports will be available in your HouseFax PRO dashboard for the life of your account.

How can I use HouseFax Reports to grow my business?

We’re glad you asked! Industry pros have had success using HouseFax Reports to generate new leads, connect with serious buyers, re-engage with former clients and grow referrals. Here’s a nifty infographic showing you 6 ways to use 1 report.

Who can I contact for support? 

Drop us a line anytime at or 1 (877) 598-6634.