Our Data

HouseFax seeks out property details and records from over a dozen government and industry sources so you don't have to.

Data Aggregation

What can take hours and even days to find on your own, HouseFax delivers in a matter of seconds. In a multiple offer scenario it makes all the difference to have the most information, quickly.

Data Aggregation

Property Records

We collect public data from trusted sources that aggregate property-specific information from county assessors, tax collectors, courthouses, recorders, state taxation agencies and FEMA.

78% national coverage

Building Permit History

Structural changes to a property require building permits issued by the city. A HouseFax Report lets you see additions to the property that have occurred in its past.​ These records include permit valuation, permit summary, jurisdiction information, contractor information and permit status. Permit record content may vary based on location.

69% national coverage

Property Incident History

Reported incidents come from an exhaustive polling of individual fire departments around the country. Over 2 million fire incidents are added to our database annually.

85% national coverage