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There’s only one HouseFax.

As the most trusted property-specific information service, HouseFax performs a nationwide search of millions of property records and instantly compiles them into a single, thorough Property Report that provides unique, valuable information for real estate consumers and professionals.

Successful Inspectors and Appraisers are using HouseFax

Real estate professionals are getting more business by adding HouseFax property reports to their services. HouseFax reports help brand you as THE market expert, building confidence and generating agent referrals.


With HouseFax, you can access and review HouseFax Reports BEFORE visiting the property. The result? You gain more insight and get a powerful competitive advantage that can generate leads and provide upsell to clients.

"HouseFax is absolutely brilliant. As a home inspector, we have incorporated the HouseFax Report as a part of our service and home buyers and real estate agents love it. It builds confidence and the information empowers home buyers and real estate agents alike. I appreciate the vision and abilities of the HouseFax team and would recommend HouseFax to other real estate professionals."

William Steyskal, HouseMaster General Manager

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