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Louviers, Co Summary

Louviers, Co has an average elevation of 6,206 feet above sea level. The city spans 1 acres of land .

City population 243
Number of households 103
Average home value $228,600
Average Income per household $12,260
Average Number of persons per household 2
Mailing Zip Codes 1
Number of businesses 10
Number of employees 93
Female population 132 women.
Median age females 50 years.
Male population 132 men.
Median age males 44 years.
Median Age 46 years.
White population 236 people.
Black population 0 people.
Hispanic population 7 people.
Hawaiian population 0 people.
Indian population 2 people.
Other population 5 people.
Zip Code Population (people) Elevation (feet) Land Area (acres) Water Area (acres)
80131 243 6,206 0.76 0.00

1 Zip code is located within Douglas County, CO

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